Friday, November 20, 2015

Welcome to Super City!

Super City is in Peril - And Only YOU Can Save It!

Or destroy it. Or make it up. Or just try and survive it. It all depends on which side you're on...

Super City LogoSuper City is a fun, fast-paced party game of secret identities, secret agendas and secret alliances. Jump headlong into the daring and dangerous world of Supers, Sidekicks and Villains and test your wits and skills against your foes. But be wary, crime fighter! You never know exactly WHO they are...

What Is This Game?!

Similar to the popular party games "Mafia" and "Werewolf" (but with some major twists), Super City takes the action and intrigue into the world of comic book supers!    Players take on the role of a hero, villain or ordinary (or not-so-ordinary) citizen and secretly try to discover the identities of other Players.  A Narrator guides the action and drives the storytelling as plots thicken, alliances rise and fall and betrayals and miscues run the table.  Served up in a tongue-in-cheek style with plenty of room for humor and suspense, the game is a guaranteed hit for groups of all ages and experience levels.  Perfect for youth groups, parties, hangouts, game nights and anywhere else people gather, Super City is an awesome addition for any event where fun is the goal.

Designed by Gaming Genius Award Winner Chris Weedin, this game is guaranteed Super!

Super Features Include:
  • Playable with up to 25 people
  • For kids and adults
  • Quick to learn, easy to play, lots of fun
  • Never out - keep playing even after eliminated
  • Advanced cards add special abilities and twists
  • Breaking News Cards tweak rules for a different game every time
  • Includes variants such as small group co-op style... or play solo!