Superhero Bios

Captain Mercury

Hero Type:  Legend
Altar Ego:  Wesley Lampert
Archenemy: Professor Gunn
Sidekick: Tough Kid
Powers:  Super-speed, lightning reflexes

During an exploration of the ancient world, Wesley Lampert accidentally discovered the long-buried and centuries-forgotten war helmet of the legendary Roman speedster Mercury. Gaining the super-speed abilities when wearing the winged war helmet, Wesley Lampert now fights crime as Captain Mercury!

Blue Lightning

Hero Type:  Powerhouse
Alias: Blue Lightning
Alter Ego: Carl Kentin
Archenemy: Dr. Dynamite
Sidekick: Lightning Girl
Powers:  Shoots lightning from index fingers, enhanced strength and speed, flight

While a university chemistry student, Carl's life changed forever when a flash of mysterious blue lighting blasted through the windows and struck a mixture of chemicals in his hands. The accident left permanent blue marks on his index fingers, along with something else - now, when Carl places them together, he transforms into Blue Lightning, one of the world's most powerful supers!



The Sleeper 

Hero Type:  Super Sleuth
Alter Ego: Ripley Nowlan
Archenemy: The Sinister
Sidekick: Karate Red
Powers:  Highly advanced anti-personnel pistol firing a variety of gas and sleep darts, blackout bombs, zipline thrower

Grandson of the teen sidekick of the original Sleeper, a 1940's crimefighter, Ripley was raised on stories of thrilling escapades and daring-do. Inspired by these tales and equipped with a powerful sense of justice and a keen intellect, he reinvented the Sleeper for the 21st century, using his now technologically-advanced equipment to put crime to sleep!


The Seahawk

Hero Type:  Crusader
Alter Ego: Caroline King
Archenemy: She-Force
Sidekick: None
Powers:  Flight, slightly enhanced strength and agility, limited control over weather and water (rain, mist), night vision
Pro football player Sam King's career ended in disgrace when he was exposed for having taken experimental drugs. Retreating into hiding, Sam and his wife took up a quiet, reclusive life... until Caroline was born. Affected by the strange drug her father had used, Carol displayed remarkable mutations – wings, increased strength and some control over water and mist. Eager to make a difference, she convinced her reluctant father to allow her to fight evil as... the Seahawk!

Captain Mercury, Blue Lightning and the Sleeper used by permission of David Goehner.

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